Don't Be Like Me. Marigold Edition.

Don't Be Like Me. Marigold Edition.

Marigolds and I have not always gotten along. I over fertilized a few times, and they grew into tall weeds that never actually flowered, so I've always had to buy them and transplant them. However, I just found a new way to make sure the marigolds grow, and I don't have to buy more seeds. 

The video below pretty much explains what I am talking about but the gist of it is dead head your marigolds to make sure more flowers grow AND take those dead heads, plant them, and grow more marigolds!

Marigolds are good for keeping those pesky rabbits and squirrels out of your garden and away from your fruits and vegetables.

@kristenfulton1 Gardening is one big experiment for us. So, I just kind of do things and see what happens. This is one of those things. Follow me to see our beginner gardener journey. 💖 #gardening101 #plantsoftiktok #gardeningtipsforbeginners #gardentok #marigold ♬ original sound - Kristen
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