Squash Bugs.

Squash Bugs.

When we started our garden last year, we had no idea the number of different bugs there were to deal with. Around mid-summer last year my uncle told me about the squash bugs. By the time he had told me though the bugs were rampant through our garden. I did the best I could, but the vine borers and the other squash bugs pretty much took over and took out our plants. 

This year though.... knowledge had me on the lookout for the bugs way in advance. We have had 2 borers take a couple of vines so far, but I have been able to catch them and kill the borer even though I couldn't save the vine. 

One tip I found and am getting ready to try is to find a yellow container and take it out to the garden with water in is and a drop of dish soap attracting the adult squash borer moth and killing it. I will update this blog to see if this works! 

This video shows both types of squash bugs and how to help mitigate them some if you want to check it out: 


@kristenfulton1 Bugs are the bain of my existence 😂 but mostly squash bugs because we l0ve squash so much! #momsoftiktok #momof6kids #gardenmom #gardening101 #plantsoftiktok #gardentok ♬ original sound - Kristen


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