Get your kids immune systems ready for school!

Get your kids immune systems ready for school!

It's July already!

Time seems to fly without us even realizing it and next month those kiddos will be back to school laughing, licking, coughing, and just loving all over each other. Then what happens? Sickness. Then their back out of school again, their home, and it's just not the fun kind of being home. Not to mention, the stress of them being sick (we hate our babies to feel bad), you might get sick, or how it affects your work schedule. 

This is a perfect time to start the kids on elderberry syrup daily. You can give it to them in smoothies, oatmeal, ice pops, or straight off the spoon but if you can start giving it to them daily now then the adjustment when it comes to school is going to go much smoother for them and you! 

@kristenfulton1 Elderberry syrup has been our absolute lifesaver and as a momma I am telling you that it will save your sanity too! #momof6kids #momsoftiktok #homeschoolmoms ♬ original sound - Kristen


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