Pollen Punch!

Pollen Punch!

Spring has Sprung! 

I tell you I love spring so much but my poor husband he is allergic to all of the trees. He would get pneumonia every single year it seemed like or even every other year. It was so challenging because he would come home and have a sore throat what seemed like every single week. Then it would turn into bronchitis and he would be down for the count. It went on like this for the first 8-9 years that I knew him and was married to him. 

When we started with the oils I tried and tried and tried to get him something to help him, but it seemed like his body was so immune to all the help. 

Then the year he started using our elderberry syrup things started changing! The next year he had the best spring ever. He was able to walk outside even and then his throat would be sore he would take more and feel even better! 

Then I started making these small nasal inhalers that we could carry around and when anyone felt clogged up or had a sinus headache we would inhale. They would help us feel so much better, so much less stuffy, and it was honestly SO easy to just pick one up when we needed them. Then a friend told me I should offer them on the website and NOW they are there for everyone to use and people buy 10 at a time to share and carry around just like we do! It's truly awesome to watch others experience the same things we do! 

Now! We even offer the custom rollers for the seasonal time. This has all grown so much that most days I just don't even know what to say about it but I am so grateful! 

If you have any questions about any of this always feel free to reach out and ask! We are here to help you work through the spring naturally! 


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