Why we use elderberry syrup year round.

Why we use elderberry syrup year round.

Consistency is everything. 

Honestly it's that way with everything in life right? If you consistently work towards a goal like weight loss or business then eventually you will reach that goal. However, if you only work on it every now and then then it will take much longer to hit that goal. If you ever reach it. 

The same thing is to be said about using nature in your health regiment. 

When we only work on our health when our body is telling us that something is wrong, eventually something will always be wrong. That's why using natural products like essential oils or elderberry syrup every day can help strengthen your body against all the things that are roaming the germ infested grocery carts or public bathrooms at any given moment. They can help make it so that as soon as that germ hits your immune system they are already working with your body to keep you healthy as opposed to getting into the fight later on once you feel terrible. 

As a family we have consistently taken our elderberry syrup (4 years) and used essential oils (7 years) daily. Even when flu season is not around or people are not sick around us. I mean let's be honest here. Sickness never really goes away. There are stomach bugs that can ruin a vacation faster than you can snap your fingers! What's been really cool is that we have had barely any stomach bugs since we started taking elderberry and I don't know if you can imagine what it's like to have 5 boys with a stomach upset, while you have one, and you're the one taking care of them but that's definitely something I'd like to not relive. 

Being consistent with these products has really changed the dynamic of our family from constantly having to deal with sickness to rarely having to deal with it, and when we do we are equipped to handle it quickly without letting it get out of hand. 

You deserve to live life without worrying about getting sick at any given moment and all your plans being ruined, whether it's a vacation or simply going to work every day. 

Taking one tbsp or one tsp (depending on age) of elderberry syrup daily can go a long way towards that freedom! Take it from this mom of 5 who's seen it first hand.


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