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Femallay Inc.

Femallay Organic Cleansing Melts

Femallay Organic Cleansing Melts

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Scent (100% Organic Essential Oil Blend)
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Restore vaginal health and balance with Femallay's Organic Cleansing Vaginal Suppository Melts. These natural cleansing suppositories for feminine wellness are safe, effective, and easy to use, and are made from premium botanical ingredients including naturally anti-bacterial and 100% pure organic tea tree & lavender essential oils and unrefined raw coconut oil.

Long ago, along the coast of Australia, sailors discovered what would become one of the most historically treasured healing agents in the world. Distilled from the Melaleuca tree, tea tree oil contains powerful anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal benefits. Before modern medicine, the indigenous people of Eastern Australia used this natural marvel to heal internal and external infections, and since then many remarkable scientific discoveries confirming its usefulness have been made by the Western scientific community as well.

Pure Lavender Essential Oil has also been used for thousands of years to treat burns and heal wounds, for sleep support, aromatherapy, natural immunity, to reduce anxiety, to provide peace and balance, for vaginal health and ph balance, and dozens of other uses.  

While more common and varied in use worldwide, coconut oil has been similarly prized for its nourishing and healing properties. Recent studies have confirmed more than 28 different health benefits and uses for coconut oil, as it functions as an anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-microbial, with more uses still being discovered.

Today, we’ve taken these incredible ingredients in their purest, highest quality forms and combined them with a luxurious and moisturizing botanical base of organic illipe and cocoa butter to bring you Femallay’s safe, natural, and effective cleansing suppositories. 

Naturally treat vaginal imbalances, unhealthy odors, and various infections (like BV, UTIs, and candida overgrowth) and restore your body's natural PH balance without drugs, antibiotics, or synthetic treatments that kill good bacteria and introduce toxins and artificial agitators to your body.   

Enjoy cleansing and healing nature’s way!

Indicated Uses

  • Maintain vaginal hygiene
  • Relieve vaginal dryness
  • Relieve vaginal itching
  • Relieve vaginal odors
  • Relieve vaginal irritations
  • Kill bad vaginal bacteria fast
  • Restore natural vaginal ph balance


Use one suppository daily as needed for up to 7 consecutive days to regain control of minor vaginal odors, irritations, and ph imbalances or twice daily for more severe imbalances. Peel open the suppository shell to remove the suppository and insert vaginally. Suppositories melt quickly to provide soothing relief.

For best results, use before bedtime to keep the cleansing oils inside for an ideal 6-8 hours. You may wish to use a pantiliner or light organic tampon to protect clothing and hold oils inside. 

100% Natural Ingredients

Organic Illipe Nut Butter, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Palm Kernel Oil, Organic Apricot Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil, Organic Lavender Essential Oil, Organic Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil


In case of softening, store box of cleansing suppositories in a cool place or refrigerate 15 minutes prior to separating and opening to ensure the natural oils and butters are completely solid before insertion.

Included in each Box

  • 7 Natural Vaginal Cleansing Suppositories
  • 1 Vaginal Suppository Applicator

Additional Information

  • Dosage:  Use (1) suppository daily for up to 7 consecutive days to regain control of minor vaginal odors, irritations, and ph imbalances or (2) times daily for more severe imbalances.
  • Warnings: Consult a healthcare provider before use if you are pregnant or if symptoms do not improve in 7 days. Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients listed. Discontinue use in case of bleeding, abnormal discharge, or if you experience vaginal burning or itching. Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center immediately. Do not use if plastic wrapper is open or torn. See inside box for an instructional guide and helpful tips.


What are tea tree suppositories good for?

Tea tree suppositories can help you feel more comfortable while you're on your period. In the same way that a heating pad or a hot shower can make you feel better, vaginal tea tree suppositories can provide relief from cramps and discomfort during your period. They also help prevent yeast infections. Lastly, they promote healthy vaginal pH levels and inhibit bacterial growth in the vagina.

Are tea tree suppositories safe?

Yes! Tea tree suppositories are safe when used as directed. However, you should always check with your doctor or pharmacist before using any new medication or supplement.

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