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Orchard Peach - 9 Tea Bags

Orchard Peach - 9 Tea Bags

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TROPICAL. FLORAL. VIBRANT. A peachy keen sunset of florals on a tropical isle. To atone for the sin of not actually having tea leaves, this ambrosial tisane does its penance in spades. Brought quite literally down to earth with the hibiscus flower and dried rose hips; the peaches, papaya, and pineapple combine to make something a normal, fruit-inspired drink with all its saccharin “taste and fury, signifying little” cannot: deep, nuanced flavor that is simple, healthful, and delicious hydration. Packaged in our hand-printed muslin bags, you’ll find 9 pyramid sachets of tea ready to brew and waiting for you! Caffeine Content: Caffeine-free Steep Time: 10 minutes Water Temp: 212 F
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