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Wet & Dry Bags - Washable Cloth Pad Storage & Cleaning

Wet & Dry Bags - Washable Cloth Pad Storage & Cleaning

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These high-quality wet/dry bags are both functional and versatile! 

Large bags offer a convenient and simple way to store used menstrual pads, clothes, swimming suits, reusable diapers, and other belongings until it's time to wash.

Small travel-size wet/dry bags allow you to carry your wet and dry menstrual pads, cups, and sponges at the same time while keeping them separate.  Great for toiletries, cosmetics, first aid, and snacks as well!  These bags are small enough to keep in your purse, yet discreet enough to be carried alone to the bathroom.

Each bag has a handle with a snap so it can be easily hung on a doorknob, shower bar, or wherever you choose.  Store clean or dry pads in the front "dry" zippered pocket and the used or wet items in the larger zippered "wet" section.  Quality sewing keeps moisture and odors in.  They also to keep your hands clean while you empty pads or cloth diapers into the washer.  Wash the bag right along with your soiled reusables!

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