Why we use elderberry syrup year round.

Kristen Fulton

There are stomach bugs that can ruin a vacation faster than you can snap your fingers! What's been really cool is that we have had barely any stomach bugs since we started taking elderberry and I don't know if you can imagine what it's like to have 5 boys with a stomach upset, while you have one, and you're the one taking care of them but that's definitely something I'd like to not relive. 

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This is us.

Kristen Fulton2 comments
There was a particular day where I had just had our 5th child. My husband had severe pneumonia. One of our other kids had just gotten sick not to mention that I had one developmentally delayed, while healing still from just giving birth. I had to drive my husband to the doctor's office, then go over to my have my sick kiddo checked out, and then go back to get my husband. Thankfully my wonderful mother, who helps with marketing our business, was able to come help me. 

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